Labra Trust Center

If you’ve ever been involved in a procurement exercise – as a seller, or as a buyer – then you will have experienced the dreaded “security due diligence”.

How to build an AWS Vendor Insights profile

AWS Marketplace has delivered a new innovation called Vendor Insights that optimizes the procurement process between sellers and buyers. It works by collecting the answers to common questions from buyers about the seller’s security and compliance competency

How to create AWS Private Offers faster with the Labra platform

TL: DR - ISVs can make private offers to a buyer by creating them in the AWS Marketplace Portal and sending a special link over email for the buyer to accept.

How AWS Partners can use Labra and CPPOs to co-sell more efficiently

For ISVs and Consulting Partners, the AWS Marketplace makes software procurement more efficient. Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) increase this efficiency by enabling co-sell between an ISV and a Consulting Partner. The Labra DCCM platform optimizes the CPPO process by bringing everything into the partner's CRM.

How does Labra help with Co-selling

Labra is a Cloud Commerce and Fulfilment Management platform that can help ISVs and Consulting organizations sell with AWS to grow their business.

Ace Customer Engagement with AWS ACE

Increase leads, share opportunities, and build better relationships with AWS. The APN Customer Engagement Program, ACE for short, is the solution to grow your cloud business.

Keep Your Business Opportunities In Sync With AWS

For AWS Partners, integrating sales data across different CRM systems can be a painstaking effort. Simplify the sales process with Labra OppSync and co-sell better with AWS.