Channel Success at Your Fingertips.

ISVs and Consulting Partners utilize Labra OppSync to bolster their co-sell efforts, streamline partner engagements, and supercharge their Cloud Customer Engagements right from their CRM.

Cloud Co-Sell Management by Labra OppSync

Transform Your Co-Sell Journey with Labra OppSync: Elevate your revenues and empower your sales team. Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets and makeshift tools; embrace a purpose-built, bi-directional CRM integration designed for optimal channel partner success.

How Labra OppSync works

How would your revenue team react if you revealed they could manage your multi-cloud co-sell pipeline using just your CRM?

Features Built for Your Co-sell Success

Co-sell Readiness

Our team will help you get ready to start co-selling with Cloud providers to manage your sales pipeline and boost your revenues.

Embark on your co-sell journey with cloud providers through personalized, hands-on support. Our team of experts is ready to sit down with you, guide you through each step, and provide assistance as needed to ensure the successful completion of co-selling eligibilities.

Some of the cloud providers require you to undergo assessments of your solution and adherence to best practices before becoming Co-sell ready. Leverage our years of learning and experience to navigate and support you through these assessments.

Co-sell management (Automation everywhere)

Efficiently navigate co-selling intricacies with cloud providers, accelerating sales pipeline growth to foster and strengthen partnerships.

Seamless exchange of co-selling opportunities with cloud providers. Automate bidirectional synchronization of opportunity data in near real-time, ensuring a swift and accurate flow between your CRM and the cloud provider.

Recieve qualified leads from cloud providers. Automate bidirectional synchronization of lead data in near real-time, ensuring a swift and accurate flow between your CRM and the cloud provider.

Facilitate the smooth flow of questions and collaboration messages between your CRM and the Cloud provider’s sellers, fostering immediate responsiveness. This ensures that you and the Cloud provider's field sellers can promptly and collaboratively work towards closing deals with agility and precision.

Ensure real-time synchronization of co-selling opportunities and leads by staying seamlessly connected with Cloud provider updates.

At the deal's culmination, trigger the launch of opportunities within your CRM. This automated action seamlessly communicates with the cloud provider, sending real-time messages and updating opportunity status. This synchronized process eliminates inconsistencies, ensuring a smooth, transparent transition at the conclusion of the deal.

Bid farewell to manual copy-paste and spreadsheet tracking for co-selling. Manage effortlessly from your CRM, embracing automation for operational efficiency and deal success. Automation becomes your ally for seamless, error-free co-selling operations.

Comprehensive CRM Integration

Streamline your entire co-selling pipeline within your CRM, eliminating the need to navigate away from your CRM.

We seamlessly support both Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce with our integration app, featuring comprehensive workflows and customization templates for business automation. Our license includes intuitive self-serve or assisted package implementation and customization, providing a tailored solution. For extra support beyond standard automation, our Professional service offers on-demand assistance. However, most customers fulfill customization needs within the complimentary hours of our standard licensing terms.

With our best-in-class HubSpot integration app, you can be up and running within an hour, initiating all your Co-sell-related operational activities directly from HubSpot.

Integrate your ConnectWise CRM to start co-selling efficiently.

Coming soon.

Notification Integration

Stay informed about Co-sell opportunities, including notifications on opportunity reception, acceptance status, required actions, opportunity launches, and more.

Receive all Co-Sell-related notifications directly in Slack by installing our Slack bot. The intuitive design of our notifications, combined with substantial data points, enhances your efficiency, allowing you to perform tasks seamlessly within your usual workspace.

This is a default notification method to receive all Co-Sell-related notifications in your inbox.

Reporting & Insights

Access seamless end-to-end visibility of your cCommerce pipeline, right in your CRM and business critical dashboards.

Access the intuitive dashboard for a comprehensive view of co-selling health, empowering you with vital insights for continued partnership growth. This clear overview facilitates informed decisions and strategic planning, ensuring the ongoing success of your collaborative endeavors with Cloud providers.

Effortlessly eliminate the struggle of generating quality reports for co-selling with Labra. These invaluable reports are essential for showcasing outcomes during Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR), streamlining your reporting process, ensuring comprehensive insights, and presenting compelling narratives that enhance transparency and decision-making with stakeholders.

Super Prompt Customer Support

A dedicated member of our customer success team will provide ongoing support both before and after your onboarding process is finished.

Let us remove ambiguity and provide hands-on support wherever necessary during the onboarding process.

Our Success team is always available to provide continuous support to ensure a smooth operation of your co-selling activities and integration

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