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The Labra cCommerce Platform

Synchronize, Streamline, and Scale in Your Cloud Go-To-Market Journey — Directly from Your CRM

Cloud Commerce Management by Labra cCommerce Platform

At the heart of Labra's cCommerce Platform is seamless synchronization: facilitating businesses to manage and optimize their cloud commerce journeys directly from their familiar CRM environments. Our platform centralizes marketplace listings, co-selling activities, and ensures real-time data sync across stakeholders. This harmony translates to streamlined operations, eliminating the inefficiencies of disjointed tools and processes. Experience a unified cloud commerce strategy, where every move is synchronized for success.

How Labra cCommerce Platform works

Unprecedented Value in One Platform

Comprehensive visibility across your cloud journey

Streamlined management of co-sell and marketplace dynamics

Holistic cloud commerce support under one umbrella

Tap into a rich network of strategic partners


Embrace the power of multi-cloud capabilities

In-depth analytics and reporting for the full lifecycle

The Power of Labra cCommerce Platform

Harness the combined strength of our unique capabilities or use them independently to fit your needs.

Cloud Marketplace Management


Cloud Marketplace Management

Cloud Co-sell Management

Labra OppSync

Cloud Co-sell Management


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Labra has been an awesome partner to work with

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We are saving time and effort all around the board

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Labra helped more than just unlocking Co-sell ACE integration

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