Elevate Your Presence in the Cloud Marketplace.

With Labra FlyOut, ISVs and Consulting Partners effortlessly prepare, list, and craft private offers, all directly from their CRM.

Navigate Cloud Commerce seamlessly with Labra FlyOut, a pivotal component of the Labra cCommerce Platform. Ensure your product meets technical benchmarks and gain comprehensive vendor insights, all while integrating seamlessly with Marketplace APIs. With FlyOut, effortlessly list your product and manage private offers directly from your CRM.

How Labra FlyOut works

Labra FlyOut is a fast path to successful cloud commerce on AWS Marketplace. It works by combining Marketplace automation and expertise to get your product ready, listed and sold.


Prepare your product

Product readiness

Your product needs to be prepared before it will be accepted on the Marketplace. FlyOut helps you with these activities:

  • Foundation Technical Review and Vendor Insights
  • Shrink months of technical effort into weeks
  • Technical metering integration with Marketplace APIs

Go to market

List on the marketplace


Swap complicated listing procedures and forms for one simple form and Labra FlyOut does the rest to get you listed on the Marketplace.

  • Simplified listing process guided by Labra experts
  • Labra take care of the AWS Marketplace backend for you
  • A metering UI shows what your Buyers have subscribed to


Private offers in your CRM

Effortless Cloud Commerce Management

Create and approve private offers for your customers and other partners from inside your CRM.

  • Manage Private Offers from your CRM
  • Seller and Buyer notifications over email
  • A simplified, customizable Labra-hosted user registration page

Who benefits from using Labra FlyOut?

Four pivotal roles within sales pipeline management thrive and excel when empowered by Labra FlyOut.

Alliance Manager

Reduce 25-step checklists that take months to just two weeks.


Create and approve private offers from your CRM


Marketplace best practices and expert help for the best listings


Confidently position Marketplace as a successful revenue channel for your business.

Optimize your resources and time, and start selling faster today in your cCommerce journey