Elevate Your Presence in the Cloud Marketplace.

With Labra FlyOut, ISVs and Consulting Partners effortlessly prepare, list, and craft private offers, all directly from their CRM.

Cloud Marketplace Management by Labra FlyOut

Navigate Cloud Commerce seamlessly with Labra FlyOut, a pivotal component of the Labra cCommerce Platform. Ensure your product meets technical benchmarks and gain comprehensive vendor insights, all while integrating seamlessly with Marketplace APIs. With FlyOut, effortlessly list your product and manage private offers directly from your CRM.

Labra FlyOut covers the entire Marketplace journey

Labra FlyOut is a fast path to successful cloud commerce on popular Cloud Marketplaces. It combines automation in contract lifecycle and our expertise to streamline Cloud Marketplace operations - go from Ready to Listed to Sold in a matter of days.


Prepare your product

Your product needs to be prepared before it will be accepted on the Marketplace. FlyOut helps you with these activities.

Go to market

List on the marketplace

Swap complicated listing procedures and forms for one simple form and Labra FlyOut does the rest to get you listed on the Marketplace.


Private offers in your CRM

Create and approve private offers for your customers and other partners from inside your CRM.

Features Built for Your Success

Marketplace Readiness

Our team of subject matter experts will guide you hands-on through the qualification process, ensuring your product gains marketplace listing without any ambiguity.

Receive personalized, hands-on support to kickstart your Marketplace journey with cloud providers.

Architecture, security and compliance review to meet Cloud providers’ technical requirements without any surprise.

Our team of professional service experts, comprised of subject matter specialists, will collaborate with you to address any deficiencies identified during the product and infrastructure review.

Marketplace Onboarding (or Migration)

Using our smart onboarding, effortlessly list your product on the Cloud marketplaces or seamlessly migrate existing listings, whether managed by you or other vendors, to Labra in no time.

Submit product’s listing information working in collaboration with your colleagues.

Utilize our platform for a seamless transition. Our built-in, automated migration process ensures a smooth lift & shift, taking less than couple of hours to transfer your existing marketplace listings, whether managed by you or other vendor.

Setup necessary Cloud account access and security configurations for your cloud seller account. Supported cloud marketplaces - AWS, GCP, Azure.

Setup and customize the look and fill of the registration page per your branding. You can optionally redirect to your own hosted registration page.

Enable free trial for your product on the marketplace

Our versatile platform seamlessly supports the listing of various types of offerings, tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Contract Lifecycle Management (Automation everywhere - CPPOs & MPPOs)

Efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of marketplace transactions within your CRM or on our UI. Tailor private offers (CPPOs & MPPOs) to meet buyer's needs with custom negotiated pricing, flexible payment schedules, and terms.

All public offers gets into your CRM or view them on Labra Platform’s UI

Efficiently create and manage private offers for channel partners with full stage visibility in your CRM or our Platform UI. Additionally, gain insight into the corresponding end customer associated with each private offer.

Create and manage private offers for buyers with full stage visibility in your CRM or on Labra Platform’s UI.

Within your CRM, such as Salesforce, leverage optional approval steps to align stakeholders before sending the final product to the end customer. Enhance collaboration and ensure a seamless process.

Check who in the buyer’s team viewed the offer and when, send the automated (or on-demand) reminder to accept the offer, extend the offer expiration date or send the offer to more people.

Such as, Renewals management, Agreement based offer, Future dated agreements and more.

Comprehensive CRM Integration

Experience industry-leading CRM integration with our unparalleled solution. Streamline your entire marketplace contract lifecycle within your CRM, eliminating the need to navigate away from your CRM web pages.

We seamlessly support both Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce with our integration app, featuring comprehensive workflows and customization templates for business automation. Our license includes intuitive self-serve or assisted package implementation and customization, providing a tailored solution. For extra support beyond standard automation, our Professional service offers on-demand assistance. However, most customers fulfill customization needs within the complimentary hours of our standard licensing terms.

With our best-in-class HubSpot integration app, you can be up and running within an hour, initiating all your Marketplace-related operational activities directly from HubSpot.

Coming soon.

Notification Integration

Get notified to many crucial events, including listing updates, new orders, private offer creation, approval and acceptance, offer expiration, contract renewal/expiration, and disbursement.

Receive all marketplace-related notifications directly in Slack by installing our Slack bot. The intuitive design of our notifications, combined with substantial data points, enhances your efficiency, allowing you to perform tasks seamlessly within your usual workspace.

This is a default notification method to receive all marketplace-related notifications in your inbox.

If you live and breathe Salesforce, imagine having a plethora of notifications seamlessly displayed within the Salesforce UI, ensuring you stay consistently up-to-date.

Usage Metering Reporting

Seamless billing with our intuitive metering system unifies cloud marketplace billing. Effortlessly expedite overages, percent-of-spend, and monthly true-ups by instantly sending metering records through API or our user-friendly interface. Stay in control with easy review of past records for auditing purposes.

Whether you need to send metering records for individual customers or in batches, we recognize the importance of flexibility. With Labra, you have the unique capability to instantly send both types—an invaluable feature not easily found elsewhere.

Seamlessly send metering records to Cloud providers without the need for technical integration using our intuitive platform UI.

Opt for automation by leveraging our versatile APIs for effortless metering record transmission to Cloud providers. Our APIs offer diverse methods of sending records, providing you with flexibility and efficiency in your integration process.

Easily review past records at any time for auditing purposes, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process.

Revenue Insight

Gain crucial visibility into the details, whether it's for a single Marketplace or multiple listings. Without Labra, this would involve navigating through data from diverse sources to obtain a comprehensive view of Marketplace performance. By utilizing the Labra Platform, you have a centralized, one-stop-shop for comprehensive, aggregated, and real-time insights into your Marketplace transactions and performance, covering listings and Cloud Providers seamlessly.

Stay proactive and in control with real-time updates on Marketplace data through our revenue reporting feature, enabling effortless access to essential information for comprehensive decision-making.

We understand the frustration of unpredictable disbursement cycle. Our enhanced dashboard and reporting functionality significantly alleviate these concerns, providing clarity for you and your finance team, ensuring a more transparent financial outlook.

Eliminate the hassle of data wrangling for revenue collection across multiple cloud marketplaces. Experience a unified view of revenue data that not only streamlines processes but also brings joy and efficiency to your finance team.

Effortlessly download your revenue report in various formats from all marketplaces at any time.

Super Prompt Customer Support

A dedicated member of our customer success team will provide ongoing support both before and after your onboarding process is finished.

Let us remove ambiguity and provide hands-on support wherever necessary during the onboarding process.

Our Success team is always available to provide continuous support to ensure a smooth operation of your marketplace activities

Optimize your resources and time, and start selling faster today in your cCommerce journey