As more and more cloud customers are looking to consume their committed cloud spends, marketplaces and ISVs that have listed offerings on the marketplace emerge as the biggest winners. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest player in the cloud market, has a dynamic marketplace, with over 330,000 active buyers, and 70,000 listed solutions from 10,000+ ISVs. Solutions varying from SaaS products to professional services to container listings and more can be found on the AWS Marketplace.

As Nima Badiey says, “Marketplace is important because it gives you access to the customer budget and the ability to co-sell, which drives procurement efficiency.”

Continuously increasing cloud commits for company like Snowflake

Despite its perks, due to legal or geographical constraints by AWS, several companies are kept from entering the marketplace and setting up listings. Selling paid products through the marketplace requires the business entity to be incorporated or organized in one of the eligible jurisdictions. Overcoming this can be both expensive and time-consuming for companies. And thus they create a barrier for certain companies.

However, we have a new offering to help companies in this situation. Through a strategic partnership with, we facilitate companies to showcase their solutions through the AWS marketplace, even if they are tangled with legal or geographical constraints.

Tap into the AWS Marketplace customer pool and grow your revenue.

Labra Managed Marketplace Listings

At, we call it “Managed marketplace listings”. This service offered will handle the listing, transactions, and disbursements. Sellers will be able to leverage the reach and visibility of AWS Marketplace while minimizing their legal and regulatory burden as well as using the capabilities of the Labra Platform to streamline their marketplace operations.

SaaS sellers reduce the time and cost to get on AWS Marketplace using Managed Marketplace Listings by The service is designed to help ISVs increase their visibility and reach, attract new leads, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Managed Marketplace Listings are powered by the Labra Platform, the Labra Reseller service, and our team of marketplace experts to ready, market, and co-sell SaaS software.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace

SaaS sellers get the following benefits from being on AWS Marketplace:

Global reach

AWS Marketplace has
330,000 active customers
around the world.

Procurement features

AWS customers have
allocated budgets, standard
contracts, and private offers.

Brand awareness

Credibility of partnering with AWS – The global leader in public cloud.

Flexible pricing

A range of payment options
from PAYG to BYOL, with multiple scale dimensions.

Efficient channel

Increase your revenue without increasing sales
and marketing costs.

Simplified onboarding

Automation and APIs simplify customer setup and configuration.

Listing with Labra

Here’s how Labra’s managed marketplace listings can help your business get listed on the AWS marketplace with ease.


  1. Have an eligible SaaS product, container listing, and professional services.
  2. Have an AWS account.
  3. Selling a publicly available, full-feature production-ready software.
  4. Have a defined customer support process and support organization.
  5. Provide a means to keep software regularly updated and free of vulnerabilities.

Onboarding process:

  1. Get in touch – If you’re interested in getting your product listed on the AWS Marketplace through, contact us at or talk to your AWS PDM.
  2. Kickoff call – Get details about their company, product, and dimensions and understand the requirements.
  3. Listing setup – We set up your marketplace listing, conduct internal testing, and UAT.
  4. CRM Setup (Optional) – Connect your CRM with Labra’s Platform for private offers and reseller agreements.
  5. Training – We will provide training on how to use Labra FlyOut, including how to create and manage private offers through Salesforce, metering, and other relevant features.
  6. Hypercare –  After the initial setup and training are complete, we will provide a period of hypercare support to ensure that the customer is fully comfortable and confident using Labra FlyOut.

Advantages for ISV

We offer the following features to help you successfully create and manage your marketplace listing.

  1. AWS Marketplace integration – helps SaaS sellers integrate their products with the AWS Marketplace APIs (e.g. Metering) and with listings.
  2. Reseller Services – SaaS Sellers can co-sell with, using Labra’s AWS Marketplace listings.
  3. Plug into existing CRM – Tight integration with your existing CRM system enables you to manage marketplace selling without ever having to log in to the marketplace. Made possible by our two-way data sync, ability to map custom objects, and automated Private Offer creation workflows.
  4. Full customizability – Your listing can be done your way with full customization on product listing page details, pricing, and subscription options.
  5. Access your buyer info – Get to know who is buying your software whether it is through public or private offers. Collect all your buyer information with a custom landing page.
  6. On-time payments – Since we’re the seller of record, the payments from AWS are made to our account, which will then be promptly forwarded to your account via a WIRE transfer.
  7. Zero AWS technical overhead – We do all the heavy lifting on the AWS end so you don’t have to invest technical resources and spend hundreds of hours navigating through AWS documentation.
  8. Expert advice and support – You get access to support teams with expertise in the AWS marketplace as well as dedicated support throughout the listing and selling process.
  9. Unified platform – Single platform to manage Private Offers, CPPO Reseller agreements, metering, stakeholder communications, notifications, and more.

Existing customers

Here are some of the ISVs who are taking benefit of’s Managed Listing service. Companies from Canadian markets have particularly benefited from our Managed Listing service.

Existing customers of Labra's managed listings offering on AWS Marketplace


This service currently supports only the AWS marketplace. The ISV’s product type can be SaaS contracts, SaaS Contracts with subscriptions, and SaaS subscriptions.

The associated cost can vary on a case-by-case basis. It depends on factors such as your region, number of listings, size of the company, and your current CRM.

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