The Labra Launchpad

Join Labra’s Launchpad startup program and let's redefine what success looks like in the cCommerce space.

Startups use Cloud Marketplaces and co-selling to accelerate revenue

Expands your sales reach
Leverage customers' committed cloud spend
Simplifies closing of deals
Enable PLG selling
Adds new revenue stream
Increase License Flexibility
No need to develop your own billing or payment systems
Accelerate time to market
Tailored guidance

Introducing Labra Launchpad

The Labra Launchpad Program is the definitive springboard for startups eager to etch their mark in the cloud commerce space. By providing a tailored SaaS solution and competitive pricing models, we ensure startups can harness the full power of cCommerce without compromise.

Eligibility *

To be eligible for the Labra Launchpad program, startups need to adhere to our standard EULA and Terms. Additionally, participants must consent to a press release and case study detailing their use and benefits from the Labra cCommerce Suite.

This commitment not only celebrates their triumphs but also offers insights for peers in the cloud commerce domain.

* Rare exceptions can be made on a case by case basis

Annual Revenue:

$250K to $1M


Up to $2M Institutional Funding


Must be capable and intended for Cloud sales

This program offers you

The Labra cCommerce Platform

Labra Readiness Package

  • Well Architected Review and Foundational Tech Review preparation so you can get your product listed.

Labra FlyOut

  • Up to 2 Marketplace listings
  • Unlimited creation and management of Marketplace Private Offers
  • Renewal support
  • Revenue insights and reporting

Labra OppSync

  • Bi-directional automated sharing of opportunities and leads with cloud providers from your CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce)
  • Stay informed through immediate notifications (in-app, Slack, e-mail)
  • Unlimited Consulting Partner Private Offers

If you have any question, please send us an email at

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