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About Archera

Archera is a leading cloud cost management platform that helps organizations get FinOps insights, automate commitment management, and achieve and insure better CSP rates and discounts through unique FinTech capabilities and products. In addition to facilitating better immediate cloud ROI, Archera helps businesses model the cost impact of cloud infrastructure growth and transformations so they can architect successful savings strategies through long-term vehicles like private pricing and enterprise discounts

Archera’s decision to enter the cloud marketplace as a new go-to-market channel aligns perfectly with its core mission of helping customers optimize their commitments to AWS. Archera caters to the needs of businesses seeking flexibility and savings without the constraints of traditional 1 or 3-year term lengths.

One of the key offerings of Archera is its 30-day Guaranteed Reserved Instances (GRIs), allowing businesses to adapt to changing usage patterns, migrations, or transitions in infrastructure without being tied down to long-term commitments.

Archera and AWS Marketplace

Archera is fully integrated with the AWS Marketplace. They leverage to manage both their marketplace private offers and co-sell motions with AWS.  Nearly 100% of Archera’s revenue goes through AWS Marketplace today. Over 600 subscriptions with AWS. Time-to-close is generally less than two weeks — customers see the value of Archera immediately and we make it easy for them to start spending more strategically in the cloud.


How Labra drives success for Archera

Labra has been Archera’s go-to cloud commerce partner since 2023. We are providing them with automation tools for building their AWS marketplace and AWS Co-sell motion. Since Archera switched to Labra from a leading competitor, they’ve benefitted from our accelerated marketplace listing, streamlined customer onboarding, awesome customer success team, tight out-of-the-box integrations, and frequent product updates. Therefore, they have benefited from faster deal close times, reduced manual efforts in extending private offers, and improved co-selling experience with AWS.  

Labra has been an awesome partner to work with. I often compare them to Stripe in the sense that both end up being the single source of truth for billing customers. And both have the same benefits in their awesome customer success team and awesome integrations for me to work with. Nikhil Khanna, CTO, Archera


Archera currently has four listings on AWS Marketplace managed by the platform. And they are planning on expanding their presence in other CSP marketplaces as well in 2024. The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Nearly 100% of Archera’s revenue goes through the AWS marketplace
  2. Archera has over 600+ active paid subscriptions from their customers
  3. 1000+ Co-sell opportunities are shared between Archera and AWS sales teams
  4. They’ve been able to reduce time to close to under two weeks (in most cases)
  5. Managing 2 SaaS and 2 professional services listings effortlessly



Archera’s Cloud selling journey with

Before After Impact on Archera
Onboarding new users required them to navigate through multiple registration forms Single registration directly on Archera’s site Quicker, less-friction onboarding of customers
Multiple manual steps are involved in creating a new Private Offer Updating the customer’s AWS account ID on the SF Opportunity object creates a new Private Offer  Faster private offers, faster deal close
Repeatable private offers that were similar in content still took manual effort to create Templatized private offers for standard customer segments Create more private offers in the same amount of time
Metering was a manual task that took significant time Metering through Labra CSV and APIs More efficient metering process
Multiple tools to manage Channel partners Resale authorization, communication, and notifications managed through Labra  Streamlined management of Private Offers, CPPOs, and Co-sell


Future together

Though Archera currently is tightly aligned with AWS, but is aggressively expanding to the other CSPs in 2024. They are looking forward to leveraging Labra’s multi-cloud capabilities in doing this expansion and continue to manage their cloud GTM seamlessly from a single unified platform.   Check out Archera’s marketplace listings on the AWS Marketplace.

  1. Archera Subscription
  2. Archera Custom Reporting
  3. Savings Analysis and Setup
  4. Custom Reporting Setup
Being able to expand alongside Labra and onto those other clouds is also something I look forward to. Nikhil Khanna, CTO, Archera

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