Are you an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Consulting Partner feeling the limitations of your current platform? It might be time to change the game with a cloud commerce platform that will help you dominate the field. Labra is here with a special offer that promises a seamless transition, superior functionality, and an unmatched customer experience.


The ultimate play for AWS Marketplace and Co-Sell Management

Special Buyout Program: Effortless Transition of your existing Cloud Marketplace and Co-sell management to Labra's cCommerce Platform

We value your time and understand the complexities of transitioning between software platforms. That’s why we have a special offer to help you make the switch: sign up for the Labra cCommerce Platform, and we’ll add extra time on top of your agreement*, absolutely free.

Not only that, but we’ll help you make the switch. Labra is an all-inclusive marketplace and co-sell management platform, and our expertise will ensure a flawless migration of your listings and data from our competitors to the Labra cCommerce Platform.

Floating Cloud

Labra OppSync

Cloud Co-sell Management

Floating Cloud

Labra FlyOut

Cloud Marketplace Management

The Offer
  • Up to 6 months added time with Labra Platform FREE
  • Lift & Shift -We'll handle the migration for you using our smart migration automation app

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Why these companies switched to Labra cCommerce Platform

We switched to Labra to streamline MPPO and CPPO creation and acceptance. Their intuitive platform gave us end-to-end visibility and removed buying friction for our customers.

Aran Khanna,

Founder & CEO @

How we stack up

Across the board, the Labra cCommerce Platform emerges as the most flexible, end-to-end go to market solution for cloud commerce in AWS Marketplace and ACE.

Cloud GTM Competitor Co-Sell Competitor Award
Automated CRM sync
Lead sharing
End-to-End GTM Support
Integrate & Automate Co-Sell/Marketplace
Policy-Based Lead Sharing
Fully customized automation workflow
Path to customization in MS Dynamics
Best-in-class custom CRM field mapping
Streamlined MPPO Acceptance
FTR/WAFR Compliance Included
Custom integrations available
Flexible AWS Credits friendly Pricing

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Join Labra today and unlock a superior AWS Marketplace experience, accompanied by our commitment to your success. Get in touch with us to learn more about this unique offer.

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* This special offer is available to new Labra cCommerce Platform customers only and is subject to a maximum of six months of additional time added to the initial agreement period. Any additional time beyond the six-month limit will be charged at the negotiated rate.

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