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Companies want to collaborate with AWS to help develop new routes to market, tap into the increasing cloud budgets, and increase their visibility and mindshare with customers by advancing up the AWS partner tiers.

But the entire end-to-end process is complex since it frequently requires technical and well-architected reviews, integration code, and additional steps.

The complexity doesn’t end there, once approved you need interaction between multiple CRM systems and teams.

Gain valuable insights from Trellix and CoreStack as they share how Labra’s automated sales operations have supercharged their sales pipeline, opened doors to new opportunities, and enhanced their visibility within the AWS community.

    • The AWS BtoB marketplace can help companies grow
    • Readiness reviews and remediation is key to getting listed
    • Taking full advantage of the marketplace requires Automation


    Labra by IbexLabs is a Cloud Commerce and Fulfilment Management Platform. The platform includes  OppSync, a Sales Pipeline Integration Management system, and FlyOut, a marketplace management and Private Offer creation system. The Labra platform is transforming the go-to-market of SaaS, ISV, and SI partners to power their growth and meet their customers in the AWS Marketplace.


    Ibexlabs is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides startups and SMBs with custom cloud consulting, cloud migration, DevSecOps, and managed security services. With 100+ AWS certifications covering four Competencies and seven Service Delivery Programs, we deliver innovation, deep expertise, and an agile framework to meet our customers’ acute business and technical demands. As a Partner with competencies in AWS Security and AWS Level 1 Managed Security Services and being an AWS Well-Architected Partner, Ibexlabs applies AWS best practices to design and build cloud solutions that meet the highest standards of governance, security, and compliance, such as SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, and HiTrust.