When the three megatrends of generative AI, containerized workloads, and Cloud Marketplaces come together, it creates a huge opportunity for companies working at the intersection of these to thrive by tapping into the rising demand.

All that is needed is an accentuator to kickstart the growth and help the company make the most of these trends. By working with Labra.io, companies can achieve just that! Accelerate your growth by listing your container products on the AWS Marketplace and selling to millions of AWS customers looking for tools such as yours.

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Container products growth in 2024

Containers are now the most popular ways for companies to deploy and manage infrastructure, add-on third-party vendor products, monitor agents, and so much more. The container-based application market is expected to reach USD 19.41 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 28.89% during the forecast period (2024-2029). Source.

Datadog’s report on containers also shows that the usage of GPU-based compute on containerized workloads has increased by 58% y-o-y. This is driven by the increased demand for training ML models and LLMs, both of which play a significant role in the ongoing AI revolution.

Customers today prefer purchasing and deploying products as containers. This trend is particularly useful and important for companies that operate in the observability, security, product analytics, and IaC space. As companies include more AI and machine learning in their workings, it also means their spending on security and observability would go up.

Benefits of container products

Containers offer several benefits for customers and sellers such as offering greater portability, being efficient and scalable, quickening a company’s transition to microservices, providing secure environments for their applications, avoiding vendor lock-ins, and more.

AWS continues to be the leader in the cloud infrastructure service provider space. It provides companies solutions in both the bare infrastructure as well as managed Kubernetes and compute services for easier management of microservices apps. AWS is also on track to cross an annual run rate of $100Bn in 2024.

Source: Statista

As a seller, distributing your offerings as container images makes sure your offerings are deployed as they should be and that your customer is getting a scalable and cost-effective manner. This also makes it easier to maintain in terms of versioning and ensuring it works as intended.

Containers on the AWS Marketplace

As a seller of containerized products, these are the several benefits you can gain by listing on the AWS Marketplace:

  1. Tap into over $157.7 Bn in committed spending with AWS
  2. Make the procurement process faster
  3. Try various pricing options and find one that suits you best
  4. Better visibility and tighter integration into the AWS partner ecosystem

Cloud marketplaces continue to be a growing space of interest for software vendors looking to tap into the increasing cloud spending and all-time high Cloud Commits that reached a staggering $348Bn in Q1 2024. (across the three major providers).

Source: https://batteryventures.substack.com/p/breaking-down-the-latest-battery 

Hear from our customers

Netdata is a great example that showcases two separate container products for Kubernetes (EKS) and on-prem offerings with different pricing schemes. Labra has also enabled them to get closer to their customers using AWS and create a new channel for discovery, so they can capture more relevant audiences as well. In addition, they also have a SaaS listing and manage private offers through Labra.

One of our customers Archera has nearly 100% of their revenue going through the AWS Marketplace. They’ve been able to accelerate their time to close new deals and make it easier for their customers to get started with their offerings.

Tomorrow, you could achieve the same and so much more. However ambitious your Cloud goals are, we are here to guide you and enable you to reach your goals in an accelerated manner.

Achieve your Cloud Outcomes with Labra

At Labra.io, we’ve always been a trusted partner for independent software vendors (ISVs) catering to their end-to-end needs along their AWS partner journey. We provide both products and services that help you move forward in a scalable and confident manner with your Cloud sales outcomes in mind.

Now, you can accelerate the creation of a container listing on the AWS Marketplace with Labra. And once your listings are live, manage multiple listings including container products, SaaS, and professional services, all from our unified platform. Additionally, we also help grow as an AWS Partner so that you can truly unlock the complete values of Cloud sales through both the marketplace and co-selling.

Check out all the capabilities of Labra FlyOut for efficient Marketplace Operations. Contact our sales team to get started with listing your container on the Cloud Marketplace today!

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