Labra OppSync now brings Co-selling capabilities to the intuitive Labra UI – making Co-selling more accessible to companies of all sizes and providing further opportunities to grow in your partnership journey with your Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Co-selling is the key driver to cloud sales success and drives a stronger relationship between your company and your CSP. By creating a better together story, you sell more by delivering your solutions to Cloud users.

This blog reviews the new capabilities offered, how they impact your Co-selling journey, who stands to benefit from these changes, and how they enhance the existing capabilities of Labra.

What’s new

Up until now, users were only able to use Labra OppSync to sync Co-sell opportunities between the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) portal and your CRM system such as Salesforce & Hubspot with Larba’s native integration.

New! Co-sell directly from the Labra platform. This benefits startups looking to submit opportunities and build their AWS partnership journey. The Labra Co-pilot App for Hubspot/Salesforce is available now as an add-on.

The new OppSync (Co-sell) from Labra will be included across all Labra OppSync plans, helping you Co-sell with little up-front investment and later move onto a dedicated CRM system like Hubspot or Salesforce as you scale.

Who benefits

OppSync on Labra makes Co-selling easier and more accessible from Labra’s intuitive UI. This benefits users in the beginning stages of their partnership journey.  Specifically smaller teams and startups seeking to submit opportunities to Cloud provider Co-sell portals and accelerate their partnership journey.

Users who are currently managing or looking to list & manage cloud marketplace operations with Labra can also benefit from the unified portal to manage both Co-selling and marketplace. This makes the whole cloud commerce experience seamless.

Why now

This feature helps us achieve our goal of providing a complete Cloud Commerce Platform for three main reasons:

Comprehensive solution: Adding Co-selling to Labra’s capabilities (such as marketplace private offer management) makes it a much more complete experience for users, providing you with a single pane of glass experience for all your cloud commerce needs. Backed by enterprise-grade security, integrations, and scalability.

Towards self-serve: This also takes us a step towards making the cloud marketplace and Co-sell operations more self-serve than ever before. Reducing the reliance on lengthy documentation pages, slow customer support teams, and different terminologies across cloud providers.

Seamless multi-cloud Co-selling: Building partner journeys across multiple cloud providers? OppSync from Labra UI makes it easier than ever before to create, receive, and manage opportunities across cloud providers.

Benefits of Co-selling with Labra

With Labra OppSync, you get an enhanced Co-selling experience. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Labra OppSync has an intuitive UI that reduces the complexity of Co-selling for your sales teams
  • Labra OppSync’s Validation System assists users in submitting error-proof opportunities
  • Labra is one unified platform for managing both Co-selling and marketplace private offers with AWS
  • Improved visibility across the opportunity lifecycle. A change log captures everything from the draft to the Won/closed lost state
  • Effortlessly manage Co-selling operations across multiple cloud providers with the same intuitive UI – Reduces switching platforms and learning curve

How to Co-sell with Labra

Here is a basic outline of what Co-selling with Labra would look like.

Note: Co-selling is only possible after you are already a part of the AWS partner track for software or services. To know more on how to get started with Co-selling through the AWS ACE Program, check out this blog.

  1. Link your AWS ACE portal to Labra. (Takes about 30 mins)
  2. Start sharing your opportunities with AWS.
    Creating a referral from Labra OppSync
  3. Accept incoming opportunities from AWS.
    Accept incoming opportunities from AWSAccept incoming leads from AWS
  4. Accept Incoming leads from AWS.
    Accept incoming Leads from AWS
  5. Manage your Co-sell Pipeline.
    Manage your Co-sell pipeline with AWS from Labra

    Co-selling is not related to having a presence on the AWS Marketplace. Any Co-sell eligible company can get started by using Labra OppSync to Co-sell with AWS. 

    Start your Co-selling journey with Labra

    If you’re not yet Co-sell eligible but want to Grow your Business with AWS, we can help!

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