Solve your ACE pipeline management problems with Labra OppSync: it will boost your revenues and make your revenue staff smile. Swap your manual copy-and-paste, home-grown tracking spreadsheets or ill–fitting off-the-shelf software for a modern, managed and purpose-built bi-directional CRM integration.

How Labra OppSync works

How would your cloud revenue staff feel if you could tell them today that they would only have to use your CRM to manage your AWS pipeline?

Our Customers

View Case Study
View Case Study

Build a Strategic Cloud Partner Relationship and boost your Cloud Revenue

Labra OppSync is an automated solution purpose-built for ISVs and Consulting Partners to manage their sales pipeline and opportunities more efficiently.

Sync sales opportunities effortlessly between your Hubspot or Salesforce CRM with AWS ACE, without leaving your CRM.

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How do you win deals faster with the same resources?

Labra OppSync is designed to help partners simplify co-selling,  and improve sales pipeline visibility by bringing AWS Marketplace and opportunity management tasks into their CRM.

Sync Opportunities from your CRM

Sync opportunities automagically between your CRM and AWS ACE.

Sellers do not have to switch between screens, or leave their CRM. 


Build a strategic AWS-Partner relationship

Track deals and opportunities in real-time - from your CRM.

Share information with AWS Sales teams to optimize your co-selling strategy, and build a stronger partnership. 


White-Glove Support all the way

Our team is well-versed on the nuances and complexities of co-selling.

Labra OppSync will solve your AWS ACE pipeline management challenges, boost your revenues and make your sales staff smile. 


See why our customers love us

NerdRabbit used Labra OppSync to boost co-sell with AWS from their Salesforce CRM.

The results are evident:
5x growth in opportunities registered with AWS ACE.

From 3 tools to 1
- no more AWS ACE portal or Google sheet tracking.

No learning curve
- Labra OppSync has the same UI as Salesforce.

Reduction in sales efforts
- It now takes 20 minutes for the sales team to get a view of their pipeline.