What is the Labra platform?

Labra, or the Labra Platform is a Distributed Cloud Commerce Management (DCCM) platform which brings AWS Partners (ISVs and Consulting Partners) closer together to build, market, and co-sell their products and services in the AWS Marketplace.The platform optimizes the AWS Partner business model by simplifying workflows and notifications, improving data and visibility, and bringing common AWS Marketplace and opportunity management into the Partner’s CRM. For example, in the CRM a partner can forecast when disbursements will be received, when private offers expire and can be renewed, and see what the best selling product is, and who is buying it.

Labra also synchronizes sales leads and opportunities received from (AWS-originated opportunities), and shared with AWS by the Partner (Partner-originated opportunities). The bi-directional sync drastically reduces administrative overhead for Sales teams, and enables them to focus on what they do best - close more deals faster.

Can you share information about Labra's security profile?

Labra provide access to all of their security profile information, including SOC 2 reports, in the Labra Trust Center.

What is Labra OppSync?

Labra OppSync is a zero-code SaaS platform that integrates AWS ACE with CRM software, such as Hubspot and Salesforce. AWS partners can now accept AWS leads and share their own opportunities with AWS via their own CRM, without logging on to AWS ACE. Benefits include drastically cutting down the admin time for sales opportunities which encourages sales to register more opportunities with AWS to unlock more partner benefits and incentives. OppSync also makes it revenue recognition simpler when all AWS-related deals are easily tied to CRM customer and opportunity records.

To learn how Labra OppSync has helpled our customers accelerate the co-selling flywheel, visit https://www.labra.io/labra-customers.

Which roles benefit from using Labra OppSync?

Labra OppSync benefits the whole team: Alliance Manager, Sales Operations, Finance Operations, CRM Admin, Sales, Marketing, CxO.

How much does Labra OppSync cost?

Labra OppSync can be purchased as a monthly Subscription or on annual Contract. For the latest pricing, visit AWS Marketplace.

Does Labra OppSync have access to customer data?

Labra only has access to limited customer information that AWS shares via ACE during the sales process and purchasing, such as AWS account ID. Labra does not have access "into" customer data, it only uses the minimum required to help AWS partners to co-sell. You can find out more in the Labra Trust Centre.

Which CRMs can Labra OppSync integrate with AWS ACE?

Labra OppSync integrates with three CRMs: Salesforce, Hubspot and Connectwise.

What does Labra platform integrate with for notifications?

For notifications, Labra integrates with email and Slack. There is also a dedicated Customer Success team for white glove support.

What is Labra FlyOut?

Labra Flyout is a zero code SaaS platform which makes it easier and efficient for B2B businesses to integrate with cloud marketplace, making listing products and managing your cloud commerce business much easier.

With Labra FlyOut, ISVs and Consulting Partners can perform the following cloud marketplace management operations from their CRM:

  • List a SaaS product or offering on AWS Marketplace
  • Create a private offer (CPPO and MPPO)
  • Track renewals
  • Manage disbursements

What are the benefits of Labra FlyOut?

AWS partners can integrate and launch on AWS Marketplace in days instead of months. Once on AWS Marketplace, operations like private offers, renewals and getting accurate disbursement reports are all available inside the partner's CRM instead of a separate AWS Marketplace Portal, making it easier for staff to access.

What is a Labra Lead?

An AWS-originated sales lead is created as a Labra lead in your CRM, which the partner can choose to accept. AWS creates a lead in their ACE system, which is bi-directionaly sync'd by Labra to your CRM. Then, the AWS partner access the lead in their CRM.